Ananda Wellness

with Rachel Holmes

 We each have unique soul gifts waiting to be discovered, awoken and shared with the world. Once we clear trauma from our past, present and future lives, nothing holds us back from finding peace, discovering our desires and gifts, knowing how we are connected and contribute to the whole, and fully realizing ourselves. 

- Rachel Holmes
Thank you for coming to my website! I believe we are each guided towards what we need, and I would be happy to facilitate you in your transformational process.

Each one of us has our own timeline for self-realization with challenging lessons and beautiful successes that get us there. I am here to help you along in your process whether you feel you have just begun or on the edge of a breakthrough.

I use different modalities such as movement, meditation, sound and one on one soul communication and energy channeling to help people align with their Higher Self, connect with their guides, discover their soul's unique gifts and how to implement them so people can feel connected, peaceful and live in harmony.

If you are interested in awakening to your own beauty and grace, please allow me to assist you on your journey.

At our core, we are each divine. We come from Divinity, all of existence does, therefore everything is part of Divinity.”