Happy Clients

  1. My reading with Rachel was everything I needed it to be, and more energy than I expected came through. Rachel's intuition was spot on and confirmed everything I had been feeling but not yet willing to fully accept. She gave me the gentle nudge that I was looking for, and the confirmation of the energy I had been feeling so that I could move forward with more clarity and confidence in myself and my path. I am grateful to have found her, and you will be too. Open yourself to the energy you seek and Rachel will certainly bring it forward for you to bask, heal and integrate with. Love and Blessings, Jess!
    Jess | Florida
  2. Sometimes we are so occupied with trying to make it through our everyday lives that we forget why we were born. My experience with Rachel's Clairvoyant Healing session let me pause for a moment and remind myself that I am a spiritual being. I felt fulfilled afterwards and am grateful for every word i received. I would very much love to keep attending her sessions, and maintain my inner self. I appreciate Rachel offering the session internationally, and I look forward to having a session in person someday.
    Asami Seki | Sapporo, Japan
  3. From the moment I stepped into the space at Ananda Wellness, I felt relaxed and at ease. After a few minutes of sharing what was weighing on me, the practitioner Rachel Holmes decided the course of action for our energy session. I was open to whatever path she felt was right. She is a wonderful listener and has a calming spirit. I am not new to energy work, but I am always interested in learning more and will definitely return to Rachel. I certainly felt at peace when I left, and she had some very intriguing info to share with me throughout and at the end of our session. I would recommend Rachel to anyone who is searching for a wonderful energy worker.
    Christa Johnson | Jackson, WY
  4. I always look forward to Rachel's classes. Her patience, knowledge, strength and energy guided my practice, and I've enjoyed every single class. I remember how she started planning and prepping us for handstands over a series of classes. She consciously designed appropriate modifications for each of us. The joy she, and the rest of us felt, wasn't about the achievement, but about the mindful process. Thanks Rachel, I look forward to taking your classes again."
    Soik Ee Yeo | Singapore
  5. My session with Rachel was informative, soothing, and quite calming. The depth of the suggestions given to me were delivered with compassion and great care. I have many things to consider as a result. She is also a fantastic yoga instructor! Wherever she goes will be a better place due to her utmost presence and attention. Thank you, Rachel- your energy will be missed around here.
    Jason Roberston | Jackson, WY
  6. Rachel is the most wonderful teacher! She is patient and kind but she has a way of making students keep on going with difficult positions until they build up enough strength to get "get" them. It is clear she loves yoga and she loves teaching. If you have a chance to take class with her, do not hesitate! I cannot recommend her classes highly enough.
    Erin Ratner | New York, NY
  7. I had a reading with Rachel Holmes and it was spot on. Her Reiki is divine and her energy is lovely. I look forward to seeing where she goes and what she creates with her gifts and what she attracts in her life. Between her and Lyn Dalebout I might be having to make a trip to Sedona!!
    Tina Seay | Jackson, WY
  8. Rachel is a dedicated, engaged teacher. Her practice is ever evolving and it shows in her instruction. She will guide you through the days lesson with enthusiasm and confidence. As a beginner, Rachel walked me step by step through poses and encouraged me to push myself to the next level. I would recommend her classes to anyone at any level of practice.
    Zac Rosser | Jackson, WY
  9. I have been to many of Rachel’s classes over the last few months. In addition to her skills with sound bowls, I appreciate most that she has a very peaceful, calming way about her. I highly recommend her classes!
    anonymous | Jackson, WY
  10. Rachel has a true gift and a beautiful spirit. I've had 3 powerful sessions with her so far, can't wait for more!
    Cheryl Davison | Jackson, WY